Wall Rendering

Is your outside wall looking a bit old, dated needing some care and attention? What ever look you are after we can supply a quality material and finish suitable for your property.

Render is applied to the exterior walls of a building which acts as a protective layer against the elements. This can add both insulation and a waterproof coat to the building. This system can also be used to update the appearance of your property, enabling you to cover up damaged or dated brickwork. The finish can be adapted for any style of property. We can offer a range of both smooth and textured finishes with varying grain sizes, and we can apply different techniques to the render replicating original features the property may have, be it blockwork, stonework or shadow lines to replicate traditional ashlar. There are a vast range of colours available, we are also able to match colours which may already exist on your property that you wish to retain.

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